Please download the template for the product first and have final art pdfs ready for placement before starting the order process:

  • Create Account
  • Go to the product page
  • Configure Options
  • Indicate Quantity
  • Upload Artwork (click red button)
  • Drag & Drop PDF files (Each pdf file should be less than 10 MBs)
  • Save Project
  • Add to Cart
  • Pay with Credit Card

Need more details?

Please read below:

Please Log In to your Red Paper Plane account and navigate to the Product Page for the item you are ordering. Enter the order quantity, then hit the large red UPLOAD ARTWORK button.

When the Online Tool launches it will display the selected format as a flat press form.  Give the project a name in the upper heading. Utilize the green Upload/Replace button to navigate to the press-ready PDF file. Once selected, it will automatically populate onto the press form. PDFs can also be Drag & Dropped onto the green dashed Drag & Drop PDF icon. Continue this sequence for all remaining files. Once complete, carefully review the press form for accuracy. 

Utilize the blue Save/Clone button to save in your project library.  You may also use the blue Save/Clone button to create multiple versions of the same format. 

Click the red Add to Cart button to add a project to the shopping cart.

Utilize the green Download PDF button to obtain a version locally. 

Once in the cart, details will be available for each project loaded. Continue by entering Country, State, and Zip Code to estimate shipping. Select desired shipping method and hit the red PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button. Enter all necessary billing, shipping, and credit card information accordingly.