Please add (2-7) business days based on quantity.

If you would like us to mail your project, please select the mailing services option from the product page. You will send us your mailing list offline at [email protected]. Please indicate your order # in the subject line.

Postage is additional and will also need to be collected prior to your mail dropping.

Depending on the piece selected, your piece into a USPS approved poly envelope and we will affix a 4” x 3 1/3” label or you piece will be inserted into a preprinted white wove envlope. You can supply your return address to us with your list. 

Mailings of 500 pcs and over will be mailed as Presort and include CASS certifying and NCOA processing for domestic records.  Once we finalize your list, we will provide you with your Postage Invoice which will be due prior to mailing. 


Mailings of 499 pcs and under will mail with First Class Stamps.

Postage costs

Postage costs vary based on the weight of your piece and how it is mailed. Please refer to the product page to calculate how much postage will be for your project.