Q: Are RPP Custom Face Covers™ acceptable for use in a medical setting? Can health care professionals use them against COVID-19?
A: No – RPP Custom Face Covers are not FDA-regulated products or personal protective equipment (PPE), and are not intended for use by health care professionals or for use in health care facilities or environments. While they provide a physical barrier, they do not provide the same fluid or air filtration protection as licensed masks and respirators. 

Q: Will a RPP Custom Face Cover help prevent the spread of COVID-19?
A: No- RPP Custom Face Covers are branded coverings to help you deliver your brand messaging during customer interactions.

Q: Can I wash RPP Custom Face Covers? If so, how?
A: No.  These are single use, disposable face covers

 Q: What is the best way to put on and take off a face mask?

A:  Please visit www.cdc.gov for CDC guidelines for face covering use

Q: What are RPP Custom Face Covers made of?
A: RPP Custom Face Covers are made of 12-point coated paper.

Q: Is the elastic latex-free?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I donate RPP Custom Face Covers to my local hospital or medical care facility?
A: RPP Custom Face Covers are not intended for medical use.

DISCLAIMER: Red Paper Plane Custom Face Covers™ are not intended as protective replacements for cloth coverings or surgical face masks. Structural Graphics, LLC makes no warranties, either express or implied, that the cover prevents infection or the transmission of viruses or diseases. For information on the use of face masks and coverings please visit www.cdc.gov. To design and order Custom Face Covers, visit www.redpaperplane.com