Frequent Flyer Rewards is our point-based loyalty program. You can find the Frequent Flyer Rewards page on the bottom left of the website. You earn points by completing activities like making a purchase. There are four different loyalty tiers: Coach, Business Class, First Class, and Elite. The higher your point total, the higher tier you’ll be in. Use your points on rewards such as a $100 discount on your order.

To access your rewards: Click on the blue "Frequent Flyer Rewards" bar on the bottom left of the home page after you log into your account.

Select the reward you would like to use and a coupon code will pop up which can be used on the check out page. 


1.    Points are good for 12 months

2.    Points are not earned for postage or shipping

3.    Points are not earned for discounted orders. Points are still accumulated for orders that have special promotions

4.    Points are rewarded after orders or activities are completed

5.    Ways to earn points are listed in the widget

6.    Contact us for more details or with any questions